Threevalleys Gundogs

Due to the amount of gundogs required on a first class commercial pheasant shoot, Threevalleys gundogs was formed. Based in the Mid-Wales countryside (the central base for Three Valleys and Long Mountain Shoot), top quality gundogs are bred and trained for this demanding vocation. Our dogs are worked over a variety of different terrains ranging from the steep valleys of Three Valleys Shoot to the dense woodland at Long Mountain Shoot. As we shoot six days a week in the shooting season, our dogs have to possess impressive levels of agility and stamina to work full time throughout the season.

Threevalleys Gundogs do not keep any brood bitches and as a result, all our litters are decedents of both strong working and field trial lines. Threevalleys puppies are produced from our working bitches and Field Trial Champions. This not only ensures a top quality working dog, but an excellent trialling pedigree as well. All our dogs and bitches are hip scored as well as eyes tested.

All our puppies are sent out Kennel Club registered, wormed and vaccinated to ensure a healthy start in their new home. All Threevalleys puppies are endorsed with restrictions R and X, these restrictions will be lifted on health screens being completed and scores returned below the breed average.